In August Hannah, Ousmane and Bilel, Ousmane's son, were over for a part of their summer holidays and Bilel and I set out one evening in search of suitable material for him to make himself a bow and arrows. So this had us scouring the hedgerows surrounding our neighbour, Johnny Treacy's long, low field across the road from here.
We were successful in our quest and returned with hazel, ash and willow referred to as sally hereabouts sprouts and fronds.

But while searching for these, I spotted a curious object embedded in the grass.
I retrieved it, brought it home and the more I looked at it the less certain I became as to what it is.
It being so inconsistent with its surroundings and its blackened and charred appearance inspired the early thought that it might be a meteorite or some other object from space that had endured the rigours of entry, or re-entry, to our atmosphere.
Hence my email enquiry to Astronomy Ireland:

"I found this object at the edge of a field outside Thomastown, Co. Kilkenny last week.
I cannot make up my mind what it is!
Is it a stone, is it some organic matter or is it, possibly, a meteorite? Is the organic matter on its underside an integral part of it or embedded in it?
It is hard but brittle: I can chip fragments from it with my finger nail.
It measures 175mm in length x 90 mm in width x 60mm in height.
If it is stone, or the like, it is very light for its size at just 225 grams.

Can Astronomy Ireland throw any light on my object, I wonder, if only to confirm that it is not an object from space?

Many thanks,
Clive Nunn."

As I mentioned on Facebook, Astronomy Ireland replied that they did not do identifications and the scientist at Trinity College, to whom they referred me, did not respond.

It has sat on the shelf since but, now that I have dipped my toe into this world of mass social, media, I thought I might put it out there to see if anyone can throw some light on my object......

2-Unknown object 2-001.JPG

3-Unknown object 3-001.JPG

4-Unknown object 4-001.JPG

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